Youth-led peer violence prevention: Effects and mechanisms

Project title:

Evaluation of a Youth-Led Program for Preventing Bullying, Sexual Harassment, and Dating Aggression in Middle Schools.

About this project:

Although youth-led programs (YLP) have been successful in many areas of public health, youth leadership is rarely used in the prevention of peer aggression. A YLP to reduce bullying, sexual harassment, and dating aggression was compared experimentally with the board-mandated usual practice (UP).

Data collection:

Four middle schools in an urban Canadian school division were randomly assigned to a YLP or to UP programs led by adults. Participants included 509 Grades 7 and 8 students (51.4% female, X age = 12.37).

Publications and Presentations:

Connolly, J., Josephson, W., Schnoll, J., Simkins-Strong, E., Pepler, D., MacPherson, A., ... & Jiang, D. (2015). Evaluation of a youth-led program for preventing bullying, sexual harassment, and dating aggression in middle schools. The Journal of Early Adolescence35(3), 403-434.


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