Breakup Reasons of Youth

Project title:

Why Did It End? Breakup Reasons of Youth of Different Gender, Dating Stages, and Ages

About this project:

Although romantic breakups are common among youths, “why” they occur is not well understood. Furthermore, since adolescent and emerging adult romantic relationships consist of unique characteristics of romantic participation a call for an investigation of breakups from a developmental perspective is needed. This study mapped out breakup reasons of adolescents and emerging adults while considering the function of age, gender, and dating stage (casual vs. serious) on youths’ breakup reasons.

Data collection:

Two hundred eighty-six adolescents in Grades 9–12 (M age = 15.99 years old) and 510 first-year University students (M age = 18.75 years old) were selected from a larger sample, based on having had a romantic breakup.

Publications and Presentations:

Bravo, V., Connolly, J., & McIsaac, C. (2017). Why did it end? Breakup reasons of youth of different gender, dating stages, and ages. Emerging adulthood5(4), 230-240.


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